Antenna TV: FIFA World Cup 2022 Live Stream

Antenna TV is US-based digital network television. It is owned and operated by the Nexstar Media Group and is spearheaded by President, Sean Compton. Thanks to their massive international appeal and OTA capabilities. They couldn’t win the bidding war for rights in the USA against Fox Network. But, succeeded in the case of Greece. The Greek fans would be disappointed that Greece Football Team couldn’t reach the next World Cup. However, they’d not give up on watching the games. And, Antenna TV will assist Greek fans in the same.  

Antenna TV Coverage of world cup

Antenna TV is originally a US entity, as stated. However, they couldn’t win the bidding war against Fox Sports. This means that they’ll not be telecasting in the USA. However, their reach through terrestrial networks also called OTA (over the air) is massive. This allows them to have an international base of audience. They acquired the TV rights for coverage in Greece. Therefore, they’d be acting as the official broadcasting partners for the event. 

Canada National Football Team

How to watch the world cup on TV using Antenna TV?

The process to watch the Qatar World Cup games on Antenna TV is simple. But first, you need to be in Greece. Antenna TV’s coverage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup is available only in Greece. Second, you should have a cable TV connection. Antenna TV will be the go-to channel for all Greek fans as the only World Cup broadcasters. Several smaller channels, especially the state-owned ones may run the mirror of their telecasts. But, Antenna TV is the one will all legal TV rights. 

Japan National Football Team

TV alternate for FIFA world cup live stream 

However, there is also a handy alternative way to stream FIFA World Cup for free. There are various free football streaming sites. Please remember to invest in a VPN connection if you’re planning to use such free sites.

How to watch the Qatar world cup 2022 on TV?

Here’s the full list of official broadcasters around the planet. This list also includes information for major regions and fanbases other than Greece. 



Indian Subcontinent

United Kingdom


MENA Region










FAQs on FIFA world cup 2022 TV coverage

1. Where and when is the next FIFA World Cup taking place?
The middle-eastern country called Qatar is hosting the next soccer world cup. It commences on November 21, 2022. And, the final fixture happens on December 18, 2022.
2. How can I watch FIFA World Cup in Europe?
The broadcast of the Qatar World Cup is available in Europe. BBC alongside the OTT platforms, ITV, and BBC iPlayer are the official broadcasters. Moreover, smaller networks like Rai, Antenna TV, etc. will also operate in select locations.
3. How can I watch FIFA World Cup in India?
The broadcast of the Qatar World Cup is available in India. Sony TV Network is the event broadcasting partner. OTT options for Indians include Sony Liv and the free service of Jio TV.
4. How can I watch FIFA World Cup on TV in Greece?
To watch FIFA World Cup on TV in Greece, you must tune into the channels of Antenna TV Network. They are the official broadcasters operating in Greece.
5. What are some free football stream alternates?
For free alternates, the best resort is using free football streaming sites. The best ones include SoccerStreams Reddit and Laola1.