Cameroon Jersey and Kits for FIFA World Cup 2022

Cameroon made their appearance at the world cup after missing out on qualification to Russia back in 2018. They have only ever managed to qualify for the finals of the world cup, eight times out of a possible 22 possible tournaments. Their first ever qualification came in 1982, and ever since then, they have intermittently appeared at the world cup. Their best ever finish at the FIFA world cup came in 1990 when they finished in the last 8.

They are one of the most successful nations at AFCON, with 5 titles to their name, and 20 qualifications out of the 33 African cup of nations that have been held so far. They finished 3rd at the AFCON in 2021, and they will be hoping to use that as momentum for a good performance and challenging for a place in the knockouts in their group.

Cameroon Jersey and Kits for FIFA World Cup 2022

Cameroon Team FIFA World Cup Kits

The revolution that has been seen in kits will only continue, as fans from around the globe like kits that are good-looking and want to wear them to different places like pubs and cafes and when they want to have a kick about with their friends. 

One is the kit manufacturer for Cameroon, and the emblem of the Cameroonian FA is on the opposite side of the One logo, and this is the case for both sets of jerseys. It should be noted that they have never supplied football kits before, and this will be their debut as a kit supplier on the biggest stage. It is possible that Cameroon will head to the world cup with three different kits to their name.

Speculation suggests the three kits will be polo, and the colours of the kits will be green, white and a mix of both green and white. All three of the jerseys will be Polos, which is a surprise and also very unique since not many kits in the world are made as polos but more like tees instead.

Cameroon Jersey and Kits for FIFA World Cup 2022

The green kit will be predominantly green, with yellow highlights along the sleeves and around the collar of the polo. The other two kits actually follow the suit as the first one, just the difference being, in the white kit, the highlights are green in colour. Whereas in the hybrid kit, the highlights are yellow, with the sleeves and collar being green in colour. The kits look neat, but until they are officially released, a concrete opinion cannot be formed.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the world cup start?
The FIFA world cup starts on 20th November 2022.

Who is hosting the world cup?
Qatar is hosting the FIFA world cup, and the main city hosts are Doha.

When is the final of the world cup?
The final of the FIFA world cup will be hosted on 18th December 2022.

How many groups are there in the world cup?
There are eight groups in the FIFA world cup, with each group constituting four teams.

Who will Cameroon play in their group?
Cameroon will play in Group G with Brazil, Switzerland & Serbia.