How to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 in Malaysia?

You’re attempting to determine how to watch the FIFA World Cup in Malaysia as it draws nearer. World cup football can be managed in a variety of ways. While others will support us in the crowd, some of us will watch from the comfort of our homes. Find out below how to manage the Soccer World Cup in Malaysia.

Where to Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 in Malaysia?

To reserve a good table with a good view, Malaysian football fans will wait in line at a Mamak or any other location that shows live football matches. The advice for the World Cup is to tapau the food and eat it at home.

As the nation watches European club matches at night, it becomes difficult for them to keep up with the games; most don’t even sleep. It’s a good thing the Football World Cup 2022 is happening during the winter because the country’s proximity would provide some relief for the Malaysian audience. People who can’t be bothered to go to work the following day will apply for medical leave or emergency leave on the eve of a big football match.

How to watch FIFA World Cup 2022 in Malaysia

Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) will broadcast the Football World Cup 2022, which will be live in Qatar from November 20 through December 18. The K-KOMM team is the only official Malaysian free-to-air broadcaster for the event, aside from Astro for the pay-TV portion.

Watch the FIFA World cup on Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM)

Similar to the previous event in 2018, RTM will showcase 41 of the event’s 64 games, which translates to about 130 hours of game time. Only 27 of these matches will be broadcast live by the public broadcaster, but RTM has promised that the final game will still be on the list of those matches.

The competition’s opening match, which will take place on November 21 at midnight Malaysian time and feature hosts Qatar and Ecuador, is another guaranteed live game. It will be broadcast on a later date than the other 14 matches.

How to watch the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Malaysia

Three free-to-air channels, including TV2, TV Okey, and Sukan RTM, broadcast the Soccer World Cup Qatar matches that football fans all over the nation can watch. The RTMKlik will post the event, the broadcaster’s online streaming service, in addition to the three TV channels.

Meanwhile, RTM disclosed that it must spend RM32.5 million to broadcast the World Cup in Qatar. It is therefore not surprising that the Minister of Communications and Multimedia, Annuar Musa, called on businesses with ties to the government and the private sector to join forces with the national public broadcaster to reduce costs during his speech today.


The World Cup is the ultimate football tournament. Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM), a cable TV provider, has the official rights to broadcast all 64 games of the Qatar World Cup in Malaysia. So you can watch the World Cup in Malaysia via the Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) network.