Pay-TV Russia FIFA World Cup 2022 Live Stream

Russians love football. If anything, it has been established by the passion Russian fans bring to their stadiums. Moreover, the event has partnered with the TV operators, Pay-TV for ample coverage inside Russia. Alas, this year, the situation is very different. Russia was involved in a bi-lateral clash against Ukraine. As a result, Russia was banned by FIFA which means their team wouldn’t feature in the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

Pay-TV Russia’s TV coverage of world cup

Cable TV in Russia is state-owned and is popularly called Pay-TV. This is because you pay a controlled stipulated amount and enjoy cable services for the paid duration. It is a basic and simple model. Studies suggest that Pay-TV is still people’s preferred entertainment source. As such, OTT platforms aren’t too famous. Even if they are used for Movies and TV shows, sports broadcasts are still popular on regular Cable. Pay-TV will dedicate multiple channels for the World Cup coverage. This is because more than one match may take place simultaneously. 


How to watch the world cup on TV using Pay-TV?

The process for watching the Qatar World Cup games on Pay-Tv is really simple. But first, you need to be in Russia. Pay-TV Russia’s coverage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup is available only inside Russian territories. Second, you should have a cable TV connection. Cable TV in Russia is state-owned as stated previously. One would need to pay the nominal controlled charge. The broadcast should be available on a range of Channels on Pay-TV including Channel 1, the most popular one. 

Switzerland National Football Team Live Streaming

TV alternate for FIFA world cup live stream 

However, there is also a handy alternative to streaming FIFA World Cup for free. That is to use free football streaming sites. Please invest in a VPN connection if you’re planning to use free sites.

How to watch Qatar World Cup 2022 on TV?

Here’s the full list of official broadcasters around the world. This list also includes information for major regions and fanbases other than Russia. 



Indian Subcontinent

United Kingdom


MENA Region










FAQs on Pay-TV: FIFA world cup 2022 TV coverage

1. Where and when is the next World Cup happening?
 The middle-eastern state of Qatar is hosting the next FIFA world cup. It will start on November 21, 2022. And, the final game is on December 18, 2022.
2. How to watch FIFA World Cup in UK?
 The broadcast of the FIFA World Cup is available in the United Kingdom. BBC has taken up the charge alongside the OTT platforms, ITV, and BBC iPlayer.
3. How to watch FIFA World Cup in USA?
The broadcast of the FIFA World Cup is available in the United States. Fox Sports (English) and Telemundo (Spanish) are the official broadcasting partners. OTT options also are available in plenty like fubo and sliing.
4. How to watch FIFA World Cup on TV in Russia?
 To watch FIFA World Cup on TV in Russia, you must use the services of the state-owned Pay-TV Russia.
5. What are some free football stream alternates?
 For free alternates, the best resort is to use free football streaming sites. The best ones include BatmanStream and MamaHD.