Poland Jersey and Kits for FIFA World Cup 2022

Poland does not have a good record internationally. They haven’t fared well in the competitions they have taken part in the years gone by. Even in the last couple of editions, where they have had one of the best strikers in the world in Robert Lewandowski, they do not seem to be thriving, let alone performing.

Out of the 16 European championships that have been held, they have qualified just four times, which was since the beginning of 2008, and one of the qualifications was due to them hosting the tournament. Their record at the world cup isn’t that better, with00209 qualifications out of 22 tournaments. They did manage to finish 3rd on two separate occasions, which should be lauded and are a commendable achievement. In recent years, they have been inconsistent in their qualification.

Poland Team FIFA World Cup Kit

The revolution that has been seen in kits will only continue, as fans from around the globe like kits that are good-looking and want to wear them to different places like pubs and cafes and when they want to have a kick about with their friends. Nike is the kit manufacturer for Poland, and the emblem of the Polish FA is on the opposite side of the Nike logo, and this is the case for both sets of jerseys.

Poland has two kits prepared for the world cup in Qatar, and in all honesty, they aren’t much different from the kits they have prepared for the previous international tournament. The predominantly white and red kit is a common theme now with the polish kits. Polish kit designers need to change their approach soon with respect to the national kits.

Poland Jersey and Kits for FIFA World Cup 2022

The white kit is bland to some extent, and although most of the kit is empty, the only items below the shoulders are the Nike Logo and the emblem of the Polish FA. The shoulder and sleeves, however, follow a leopard print pattern of grey and white stripes instead of patches. Some may love it, but not many.

The red kit is something that will either inspire love or hate from whoever sets their eyes on it. The second kit is entirely plain red, with the use of white around the sleeves and the collar being the only other place where there is some sense of design. The kit emblem and logo are based on white, and like the first kit, they are the only items in the body of the shirt.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the world cup start?
The FIFA world cup starts on 20th November 2022.
Who is hosting the world cup?
Qatar is hosting the FIFA world cup, and the main city hosts are Doha.
When is the final of the world cup?
The final of the FIFA world cup will be hosted on 18th December 2022.
How many groups are there in the world cup?
There are eight groups in the FIFA world cup, with each group constituting four teams.
Who will Poland play in their group?
Poland will play in Group C against Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Mexico.