South Korea Jersey and Kits for FIFA World Cup 2022

South Korea may be one of the more successful participants from Asia in the world cup finals have ever seen, with a total of 11 qualifications out of the 22 world cups, but they were not part of FIFA for the first three tournaments. Their first-ever qualification to the finals came back in 1954 when they bowed out at the group stage. Since then, they qualified in 1986 and have not missed a single trip to the finals of the world cup. They managed to reach the final 4stagese when they hosted the tournament in collaboration with Japan.

Japan have 2 Asian cup titles to their name out of the 14 tournaments they have participated in from the 18. They won both of the first two Asian cups to have been held and have consistently challenged for the title, reaching the final on 4 occasions and finishing 3rd on another 4 occasions. Every time they have participated, they have never finished earlier than making a quarter-final appearance which is quite impressive.

South Korea Jersey and Kits for FIFA World Cup 2022

South Korea FIFA World Cup Kits

Nike is the kit manufacturer for South Korea, and the emblem of the South Korean FA is on the opposite side of the Nike logo, and this is the case for both sets of jerseys. The two kits that Korea are travelling with are exciting and interesting in their appearance.

South Korea seemed to have shifted from their kits recently, with neither kit representing an abundance of white. Their first kit which is predominantly red does not have any specific design in the centre of the kit, but the shoulder and sleeves see a tiger stripe around it between a mix of light and dark red. The collar uses black to match the colour of the logo and emblem on the kit.

South Korea Jersey and Kits for FIFA World Cup 2022

The second south Korean kit seems funky, to be honest, with black being the base colour and a mix of blue, yellow, and red brush strokes all around the kit haphazardly. The emblem and the logo this time are white in colour, which helps them to stand out a little better among all the colours that are on display.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the world cup start?
The FIFA world cup starts on 20th November 2022.

Who is hosting the world cup?
Qatar is hosting the FIFA world cup, and the main city hosts are Doha.

When is the final of the world cup?
The final of the FIFA world cup will be hosted on 18th December 2022.

How many groups are there in the world cup?
There are eight groups in the FIFA world cup, with each group constituting four teams.

Whom will South Korea play in their group?
South Korea will play in Group H with Portugal, Uruguay & Ghana.