Tunisia Jersey and Kits for FIFA World Cup 2022

Tunisia has slowly grown to become a well-known force within African football. They are producing stars that are playing in the top five leagues in Europe, and their younger stars leave a lot to be desired since they have good potential for their prospects.

Out of the 22 tournament finals concerning the FIFA world cup, Tunisia only ever qualified for 6 of them. This will be the second time they have managed to qualify for two tournaments in succession since the turn of the century when they qualified for the FIFA world cup finals between 1998 and 2006. In every appearance at the world cup finals, they got eliminated at the group stage. Their record at the AFCON speaks better for them, as they have won it once and have regularly qualified for the tournament as well.

Tunisia Jersey and Kits for FIFA World Cup 2022

Tunisia Team FIFA World Cup Kits

The Tunisian kits are familiar to the past kits that we have seen in recent memory. They have two kits that they will be using at the world cup this winter in Qatar. It seems they have not changed their kit since they ran in AFCON, the last tournament they participated in, it could be due to many reasons, but none have surfaced as concrete.

Their first kit is red in colour, including the shorts and jersey as well as the socks. The jersey has the design of the national flags flower at the front, with the emblem and the logo at the top of the chest region in white, just below the shoulders and neck. Their shorts have the kappa logo at the sides running up and down.

Tunisia Jersey and Kits for FIFA World Cup 2022

The white kit is quite similar to the red kit. It follows the same pattern and design as the one they have in red, just inverted. Red appears on the logo and emblem, whereas white follows the kit as its primary colour. The same is the case with the shorts and the logo, which are red in colour.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the world cup start?
The FIFA world cup starts on 20th November 2022.

Who is hosting the world cup?
Qatar is hosting the FIFA world cup, and the main city hosts are Doha.

When is the final of the world cup?
The final of the FIFA world cup will be hosted on 18th December 2022.

How many groups are there in the world cup?
There are 8 groups in the FIFA world cup, with each group constituting 4 teams.

Who will England play in their group?
Tunisia will play in Group B, against France, Australia and Denmark.