Uruguay Jersey and Kits for FIFA World Cup 2022

For some years now, Uruguay has been in a state of transition. Their older veterans in Cavani, Suarez, and Godin have fallen off their peak. Youngblood has come through to fill in the gaps left behind by their quality. Players like Matias Arezo, Darwin Nunez, and Federico Valverde have come to become the support of the team. While the veterans lead the team.

Uruguay won 2 of the first 4 world cups they participated in which has established them as a footballing powerhouse. But since their triumph back in 1950, they have never come close to challenging the established dominant sides, despite always producing some of the best young and exciting players the world has ever seen. They are one of the most successful sides in South America, with 15 titles to their name from 45 participations from a total of 47 tournaments.

Uruguay Jersey and Kits for FIFA World Cup 2022

Uruguay Team FIFA World Cup Kits

Puma is the kit manufacturer for Uruguay, and the emblem of the Uruguayan FA is on the opposite side of the Puma logo, and this is the case for both sets of jerseys. They have their iconic kit redesigned for the world cup, with their second kit being an inverse of their first kit in some senses.

Their first kit is predominantly a light shade of blue with white appearing subtly in the sleeves and along the collar to personify and signify the national flag. Although many might think there is nothing special about the design of the kit, they would be right. But the Uruguayan kits have always followed this pattern with their first kit, and they are maintaining that trend as their heritage.

Uruguay Jersey and Kits for FIFA World Cup 2022

Their second kit, however, looks unique in that it is mostly white. One would not be wrong to think that blue was the main colour for the kit. The lighter shades of blue appear vertically through stripes. And the highlights appear along the sleeves and the collar, as well as in the centre. The central design is a common theme in second kits made by puma, as this isn’t the first kit to use that idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the world cup start?
The FIFA world cup starts on 20th November 2022.

Who is hosting the world cup?
Qatar is hosting the FIFA world cup, and the main city hosts are Doha.

When is the final of the world cup?
The final of the FIFA world cup will be hosted on 18th December 2022.

How many groups are there in the world cup?
There are eight groups in the FIFA world cup, with each group constituting four teams.

Whom will Uruguay play in their group?
Uruguay will play in Group H South Korea, Portugal & Ghana.