How to watch FIFA World cup 2022 on Roku?

Fans cannot wait to watch their superstar players perform on their biggest stage, the FIFA World Cup. While many will be hoping to watch it live at the venue, very few have access to it. So we have another way to allow the charged-up fans to watch FIFA World Cup live. Roku can be an exciting streaming tool for cable cutters, and enjoy the mega event live with some added features. But first, you need to know about the service too.

Roku is a revolutionary streaming platform that offers consumers an unmatched viewing experience. Recently Roku has been at the forefront of video content distribution in the US. With its reach expanding rapidly across all platforms, it has also become a preferred streaming tool globally. Innovative features designed for TV watching, such as intuitive user interfaces (UI), made Roku a fan favorite.

Over 61 million active users worldwide watch 20 billion hours every quarter. With a sophisticated suite of tools, Roku makes it easy for content publishers to distribute and monetize their work.

Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup on Roku

How to watch FIFA World cup 2022 on Roku

FIFA World Cup will start in mid-Nov, and Roku is already set to avail the service for its viewers. Here are steps to Watch Football World Cup Live Online using Roku. 

Fanatiz is one of the most used streaming channels to watch Football; you can set up the channel with these steps here: 

  1. Navigate to the Roku Channel Store.
  2. Select the “Movies & TV” category.
  3. In newer versions of Roku, you can select the “Sports” category. 
  4. Select Fanatiz and Click on “Add Channel”, then Click on “Go to the channel.”

You can now enjoy Fanatiz on your Roku. Remember that to watch content on Roku, you must first subscribe to Fanatiz from the Roku app or through the web.

Best Streaming Services to Watch FIFA World Cup 2022 On Roku 

How to watch the FIFA World cup 2022 on Roku

There are many streaming channels, Paid and Free, both on Roku Device Set up with the dependency of what box you have purchased, but there are some famous services regarding football-related content. The “Fanatiz streaming service” is one of the most popular regarding anything soccer-related. With Roku versions up through version 3, you can watch your favorite team play live and on-demand from anywhere in the world with this fantastic app.

As well as being available for TV sets with integrated channels stores like connected TVs or smart platforms, but not all devices will have access, so please check before purchasing any items related to fanatiz. 


Roku is a robust and feature-filled tool that will make the mega event even more enjoyable for the fans. From the opening kick-off to the crowning of the champions, you can stream all of the games live on your Roku players and TVs.